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TN - 2016

We rescued Dutchess in April 9th, 2011. I had never had a pet before and found her on petfinder after reading an article about a doggy beating the odds. I called about her and was informed she had one last adoption event to attend and if not adopted she would be put down because she was antisocial. When we saw her she was so scared she wouldn't even take a treat or stand up. We brought her home and she refused to eat or drink or go potty. It took us about 2 days to get her to eat and three months before she would bark.  Eventually she came around and decided we were okay people. Her full name is Dutchess Von Snacksize because my husband told me a dog that can fit into a purse is not a pet it's a snack. 
She's always had a special relationship with our son Silas. He was born 9 weeks premature. The first time we brought his laundry home from the NICU she stole all of it and laid on top of it. She's guarded him ever since. 
Fast forward to 2016 our year from hell. Bill lost his job in February and my Grandmother passed away in May. Between those two events and a medication for me that is prohibitively expensive we found ourselves in a really bad position. Dutchess was acting so strange, not eating and hiding behind the sofa. When we took her to the vet they gave us two options which was to pull her teeth and clean up the infection in her mouth or to euthanize her because of the infection poisoning and pain she was in. We couldn't afford the dental work and took her home with antibiotics and pain meds to give her a few more days before we took the route we could afford. The thought of losing her was heartbreaking. We lost our pet gecko over the summer as well which my son took very hard. So I posted on Facebook looking for advice or places to go for help. That's when our friend, Laura referred us to Brown Dog. It gave us a lot of hope knowing there were other options. I cannot thank you enough for helping us save her. 
She is now back to her usual self. She meets us at the door barking when we come home and refuses to let anyone in the house use the bathroom unsupervised. She's back to her sassy self and I am beyond thankful for that. 
It's nice to know that Silas still has his guard dog (all 12lbs of her) and that we still have our precious girl with us. It's rare both a parent and a child get to have the same first pet but Silas and I are very luck that ours is Dutchess.  
Thanks a million...
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