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NC - 2016

Dixie was the first dog I chose on my own. My husband had adopted a newfie/gsd mix a year prior, and we loved him to pieces but wanted another dog. I knew Dixie Do was meant for me when I saw her.

We lived in Naples, Italy (stationed there with the Navy) at the time. We brought them both back with us (not everyone brought their pets back to the states, sadly), and they moved with us from one duty station to the next. My husband and I divorced and I kept both dogs on my own. Through the divorce, many moves, and becoming an unexpectedly single mother, my Bruno and Dixie were right by my side.

In 2014 I lost my Bruno to severe arthritis and hip problems. Dixie had always been the lowest maintenance, healthiest dog until this issue occurred. I've since added Mason - a small lab mix - to our family, and couldn't imagine what it would do to him, not to mention my 4 year old son... or to me... to lose Dixie to some treatable problem.

Because of your help I felt empowered - secure and supported - in seeking the diagnostics we needed. My very own brown dog will be okay, and I know it's so because of your foundation.


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