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as told by his poppa

Disaster Relief  Fund, provided in part by Internet/Scherring-Plough and FarmVet

Thank you and God bless Brown Dog Foundation for all the help you give humans and animals.  A little about him - his name is Digit. I was able to witness his birth on June 23, 2003. The vet at the pound named him because he didn't make the scale; he was only 2 1/2" long. I came in three times a day for four weeks and fed him with an eye dropper. The fifth week I started using a little bottle for four weeks after that the vet didn't think he would make it. The vet at the pound said I could go ahead and take him home to die. After another two months, everyone was surprised he was doing so well. As you can see in the picture seven years makes a great difference.

Digit and I lost everything in the May Flood, 2010, our home was destroyed and I lost all of my tools, rendering me without work.  When Brown Dog was willing to replace Digit's flea/tick and heartworm preventative we were so appreciative.  Despite such depressive circumstances, we were thankful to have found you. 

Thanks so much!  I owe Brown Dog Foundation.

Digit & Joe Malotte