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TN Fund, 2012

Digger is now 12 years old, but I won't forget the day we got him.  He was 2 months old and already had a schnauzer cut. I didn't want to put him down while we looked at other puppies, because someone else might get him. So Jim held him while I looked around. Digger was so cute, he kept nibbling at Jim's beard. Well, that did it for us, we took him home. It was February 13, 2000, almost Valentine's. This was the perfect gift for my husband for Valentine's.

Digger was a very smart puppy. I taught him so many tricks and he did all of them very well. He is such a happy little man and has made Jim and I so very happy. He is a big part of our family. He loves to go to the nursing home and see his Nana. This is Jim's Mom. She loves Digger and is always happy to see him. Digger will lie down next to her and snuggle with her. He also loves our daughter, Alina. He gets so excited when she comes over.


One day Digger began acting as though he was dying...  we noticed lumps we hadn't seen before, and he was lethargic and not eating.  We rushed to the Vet Clinic, but because neither of us have worked consistently over the past few years, the tests he needed were outside our reach financially.  Value Vet told us about Brown Dog Foundation and we applied.  We were happy to learn that we qualified and they were able to help us pay for the tests to diagnose him.  Unfortunately, the tests were somewhat inconclusive and our Doctor suggested another test presuming that the masses she saw in the X-rays were likely to be cancer.  We told Brown Dog Foundation this and their PAWtner Veterinarian, Dr. Mike at Premier Vet Care offered to perform an exploratory surgery if necessary.

We showed up for our appointment with Dr. Mike and after a few more X-rays and an examination, he determined that was more likely that Digger had an acute case of pancreatitis.  He'd shown significant improvement between Vet Visits and was now eating and having bowel movements without issue.  Thankfully Brown Dog Foundation is keeping our application open in the event he suddenly takes a turn for the worst...  although it is doubtful he will.

We want to thank Brown Dog Foundation for helping us. It is nice to know that there is someone out there who will help, when you can't afford to do anything.  How blessed we are for those who love our pets as much as we do. Thank you again, BROWN DOG FOUNDATION.