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GA - 2016

Day~Z & I would like to thank Brown Dog Foundation  from the bottom of our hearts for helping in our time of need! I thought I had everything planned out then life happened! I lost my job & didn't know where to turn! I prayed & asked God to send help & provide for Day~Z & I. I reached out to Brown Dog Foundation & without hesitation my prayers had been answered! Day~Z was able to receive funding for her surgery!  Day-Z was diagnosed with a mammary tumor.

She is recovering nicely & will be back to normal in no time! Day~Z is a very loving, energetic, sweet & playful kind of girl! Day~Z has the personality of a "Diva" and loves to be strut around in a cute little stylish dress! Day~Z enjoys long walks in the park while stopping to sniff every single flower in sight which makes our walks longer & more memorable! Day~Z is also very affectionate and loves to sit in my lap on the couch until she falls asleep.  Several times a week you can find Day~Z playing in the yard with our next door neighbor's dog, Princess! They are two peas in a pod! The two of them play for hours & hours at a time! In fact Day~Z can't wait until healing process is complete so that she can have more play time with Princess!

Again, thank you Brown Dog Foundation for all of your help! We love you!

God Bless You All.