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as told by her momma

Our Daisy started showing signs of sickness right after the first of the year. Even though I had been laid off from my job in December I did have a little money in savings so I took her to the vet for an exam.  Nothing could have prepared me for what they found! Daisy's bladder was completely full of stones and the only thing that could save her was surgery, a surgery I knew I couldn't afford.  My vet gave me the names of some organizations that might be able to help us so I immediately went home and got to work. Most places told me the same thing.." Donations are down...  we just do not have the funds to help you right now..good luck."   My son and I were devastated and just cherished each day we had with her at that point.

A little over a month later I received a monthly newsletter from Brown Dog Foundation (one of the many organizations I had applied to) and after reading through it I decided to reply to t and ask if they could re-visit our case since Daisy was fading fast. At this point in our story all I can say is Brown Dog Foundation has nothing but Angels working there!! We were literally one hour away from having Daisy euthanized when I received a phone call that Brown Dog could help!!! My son and I were thrilled and raced on to our appointment to get the process started of getting Daisy into surgery ASAP. Daisy still has a way to go with her recovery but we are helping her through it one day at a time. No words will ever be able to express how truly blessed Daisy, my son and myself feel.

I could have never dreamed that someone would care about Daisy as much as we do. However, I know now that there is a lot of someone elses' that  cares and does all that they possibly can to help and they are called...  "Brown Dog Foundation"!!