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US Fund, 2012


Curi was originally rescued from a local animal shelter by one of our family members. She had been found locked in a cage, undernourished, covered in fleas and had recently delivered a litter of pups. Due to circumstances beyond her control, "T" was not able to keep Curi and there was talk of returning her to the shelter. Having had the opportunity to meet Curi on several occasions, I knew how incredibly sweet and gentle natured she was.  So our family decided we would take her.
After many months of separation anxiety and house training, Curi finally began to settle in with us. She has become a well-behaved, well-adjusted, well-fed, gentle giant & couch potato! Curi loves all people and has befriended all of the neighborhood dogs. There is not a mean bone in her body! She is sensitive, quiet, attentive, affectionate and really just wants to be wherever we are!
When we found out Curi has Leukemia, we were devastated. To know what she had already been through it just doesn't seem fair. Her doctors gave us hope with a medication called "Gleevec" that works to stop the production of white blood cells. However, it is unbelievably expensive. In the United States there is no generic version available, but we found out that Canadian pharmacies do offer it in generic form. Even still, the cost was beyond our means.
In doing some research, I happened across Brown Dog Foundation whose mission is to help families in just our situation. We are so blessed that they have been able to help us get Curi's first 90 days of medication! This is allowing us to regroup financially as a family and determine if the meds are going to work for her.  Thank you, Brown Dog, for giving us HOPE!!! We are praying and believing for a miracle, but whatever the outcome we count it a privilege to be associated with such a wonderful and generous Foundation.