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as told by her family

Cotton just turned 5 years old in May.  We noticed she was yelping when she would stand up, walk, or go up the stairs so we took her to the vet to make sure she was not hurt.  The doctor immediately thought it may be her back so he did an x-ray.  He did notice low disc tissue in her lower back but he also noticed a large stone in her bladder.  We decided she needed to have the stone removed immediately and we would address the back once that had healed.  She had the stone surgically removed the next day and we brought her home.  She stayed in her bed and did not try to move that night.  However, the next day she could not stand up even when we took her outside to potty, we had to hold her backside up.  We called the vet and he was concerned so we took her back to the hospital.  They put an IV back in and gave her fluids and strong anti-inflammatory medicine hoping this would allow her to walk.  After 48 hours she could not stand on her hind legs.  The doctors told us most likely the disc ruptured while she was lying on her back during surgery to remove the stone.  We were told they do not do back surgery and only a couple of doctors in this area perform them and it would be very expensive.  He also said it should be done immediately because she had deep pain and waiting could cause more damage.  We were heartbroken.   

 We were telling one of our neighbors about everything and she told us about Brown Dog Foundation.  We immediately got online and applied for help.  We went ahead and met with the surgeon who confirmed that the disc was ruptured.  Brown Dog Foundation not only helped Cotton walk again but did it so quickly and got the surgeon to discount his services.  We are so thankful that Brown Dog Foundation helped Cotton!!!