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LA - 2018

Brown Dog Foundation came to Cotton’s rescue when I was giving up. Cotton is a 95# AKC Labrador Retriever, one of a litter of my brother’s dog, only 7 years old. He was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 years ago and put on Hill’s Science Diet W/D and an ever increasing twice daily dose of Vetsulin. Cotton was having constant ear infections and yeast between his paw pads. He had been through 3 knee surgeries. Cotton has always been a quiet home body type, leave the gate open and he stays home anyway. A genuine pleasure of a dog.

I lost my job Summer of 2017 and spent time at home with Cotton as I searched for new employment. Cotton was consuming $125 month in Rx dogfood and $200 a month in Insulin and syringes. Consuming excess amounts of water. His eyes, cataracts, were coming on fast and he began to get confused and “lost” in his own backyard. The vet had him up to 27 units of Insulin 2X a day. I began to search for help with both the treatment and costs of treatment and found Brown Dog Foundation for both.

First, I was recommended to find other food for Cotton and began by reading and following The Whole Pet Diet- Eight Weeks to Great Health for Cats and Dogs by Andi Brown. We immediately weaned Cotton off the Hill’s and onto the Spot’s Chicken Stew diabetic version. After a week he was fully on the New Stew. The results were DRAMATIC. He attacked his food like never before and the nagging unhealed wounds were closing. His hair was softer, and his skin looked better. The yeast between his paw pads had almost disappeared! His ear infections were not getting worse.

Then after a week on the food he had a “spell” of complete disorientation and near coma. Happened again the next day. We consulted the Vet and feared a low sugar condition and stopped all insulin. We continued the new food and no insulin until 3 days later when we took him to the Vet for observation 1 day without the insulin and a glucose curve. Then had 1-day reintroduction of insulin and observation/glucose curve. Results were amazing. He has dropped from 27 units 2x day to 15 units 2x day. Cotton has been happy and has had no disorientation, reduced water intake and acting normal again (sleeping on the couch). 

He goes back this week to have his glucose curve done and slight adjustment to his Insulin dosage. Brown Dog has been with me every step of the way. I was ready to give up, as I believed his quality of life could not be sustained. Between the Diet change and the assistance for the Vet and Insulin he has a new lease on life. 

He is getting used to having reduced vision and living happily- tail works again.

Thank you to all the sponsors and members of Brown Dog Foundation for the lifesaving assistance you have given Cotton and keeping my heart whole as Cotton lives a good quality of life.

Steve Thompson /  Cotton/ Baton Rouge, LA