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TN - 2019

I met my best buddy Coral back in May of 2005 when he was just 3 months old at a kennel I worked at in Las Vegas, NV.  I had adopted a fluffy gray 6 month old kitten from the kennel a few months before to save him from sadly being put down that night.  My intention was just to save the gray kitten and find him a home, but I ended up loving him and naming him Mohave.  I adopted Coral so that Mohave would have a friend!  Well the three of us ended up to be the best of friends for many years.  In fact, 14 years later and we are still going strong and Mohave only recently passed away after a long happy life.  

We have lived quite a epic journey together taking us on many adventures and travels.  Through heartbreak, domestic violence, and struggles, we have made it through and never left each other’s sides.  When you see those bumper stickers saying “who saved who”, that is truly our story since I believe they have saved me many times over what I could ever hope for.  We’ve survived through many hardships together and keeping Coral and Mohave safe and happy through all of it has been a struggle, but achieved.  

Even when I had trouble keeping myself safe, they have always been taken care of and took care of me in return.  That is why when Coral’s cyst on his side grew to be so large that it was causing him discomfort it was heartbreaking not having the proper income to take care of him. The vet I took him to said it was the largest he had seen on a cat.  Mohave and Coral have always been healthy up to this point and this was devastating.   Brown Dog and the kind spirited donors will always be in my heart and I consider them family for making my angel to be happy and healthy and for helping all the animals that they do.  I can tell that Coral knows the people at the vet’s office helped him.  The horrible mass is gone and cancer thwarted.  He is so happy and relieved I see it every moment on his face.  

He’s getting lots of kisses and cuddles he loves and is coping with getting over the loss of Moe (Mohave).  Having the giant cyst removed is making this possible for him.  If I’m cooking, he’s watching me cook.  If I’m watching TV , he’s curled up on my lap.  He spoons with me every night J.  He’s so happy since his surgery.  He’s able to lay on his side now and run and play without pain or discomfort.

Coral and Mohave had lived with me traveling across the country from Las Vegas to Nashville, and also in New York City briefly.  We settled in Nashville about 12 years ago.  Through every joy and heartbreak Coral has been there cuddling and sweet and always my best friend.  Thank you to Brown Dog and the beautiful people who are donors!  I’m thinking about all of you every day in gratefulness and I know Coral thanks you too every moment he is feeling happy.  He has a big cat grin on his face as he sleeps since the lump has been removed!  Bless all of you so much.