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IA/IL Fund

Our doggy's name is Cooper! He is our favorite doggy in the whole world!! So when he started getting sick we asked our mommy to take him to the doctor so they could make him all better. When mommy came home with him from the doctor that day she looked so sad and told our daddy that Cooper had swallowed a bouncy ball that is now stuck in his intestines.  Mommy said that Cooper needs to have a surgery that cost a lot of money that they didn't have. We said they should just go to that machine that gives you money but they said it just doesn't work that way. They wouldn't say yes, but when we asked if he was going to die, they really wouldn't answer us.
Then, when our mommy talked to the doctor again they told her about Brown Dog Foundation that may be able to help us pay for some of the surgery. Our mommy was so excited she started crying again. She is so weird, she cries when she sad AND when she is happy.  We weren't sure that Brown Dog Foundation would help our black dog, but mommy applied anyway.  And, they said YES!
 Thanks to the help our family was blessed with by Brown Dog Foundation we where able to save our doggy... our best friend!
This grant made possible through a generous discount by Edgewood Animal Hospital & a fundraiser hosted by Vintage Button