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Senior Citizen Fund

My name is Clark. I’m sure you are looking at my snap shot and thinking that my eyes look funny. Well, not only do they look funny - but they hurt... really bad. It’s also hard to see. I’ve been managing to still get around. I've been with my human mom for 13 years, and she helps me out a lot. Plus, I’m 13 so I know my way around the house.  That doesn’t take care of the pain though. My human mom keeps telling me that I need surgery, but it costs a whole lot. Sometimes, she tears up because she can’t pay for it. I love her, and I don’t want her to have to choose between my surgery and buying groceries and medicine. I just wouldn’t feel right doing that. I love her, and I don’t want to be a burden on her. Luckily, someone told us about Brown Dog Foundation. Boy, we were relieved when we found out that we qualify for assistance. It took so much pressure of my mom. She felt really bad for me. She didn’t want to see me in pain. Plus, I’m healthy otherwise so I have a few good years left with her.

I had my surgery the other day. It went well. The vets at Veterinary Ophthalmology Services were really good to me. They told me that I was a good boy. I credit my caregiver for that. She has always taught me well. I just want to thank all those good people out there who make it possible for pets like me and people like my human mom to afford this service. Without Brown Dog and the donors, I would still have pain and look funny. Now, I feel so much better, and I will be around longer for my mom. Thanks so much y’all.

Clark's guardian is a senior citizen who lives on a fixed, social security income.  She provides well for Clark day to day, but treatment of this magnitude is simply out of reach.  Thanks to the generosity of Veterinary Ophthalmology Services offering a discount, Brown Dog was able to help Clark get the surgery he needs. 


Funding for this case made possible with a grant from