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TN Fund, 2012

Cisco has had a problem with bladder stones for several years - in fact, this was the third occurrence.  The first time was in 2010, after which he had surgery to remove the stones. In October/November of 2011, he was having difficulty urinating, so we went immediately to the vet. She discovered many, many stones in his bladder, and his urethra was blocked with stones. This condition is life threatening, if the blockage is not taken care of, the poison from the urine could attack his heart and he would die. He had surgery in October/November, and all the stones were removed. He was put on a special diet, and a potassium supplement that he takes every day. In January, Cisco again was unable to urinate. We went immediately to the vet and found that since his check up in November, there were probably 2 dozen stones, some of which were blocking his urethra again. The doctor flushed the stones back into his bladder, and advised us that he would form stones the rest of his life, and the way to take care of it was to have this very specialized surgery. The surgery would re-route his urethra so he be able to get the stones out much easier and wouldn't get blocked. This surgery however was very specialized, and would cost quite a bit. 

With the economy and just life being what it is, we didn't know how we would come up with the money to save Cisco's life.  Then we were referred to the Brown Dog Foundation.  What a life saver!!  The people have been so kind and helpful, and they were able to pay for the majority of the surgery!!  We are so, so thankful.  Cisco has been recovering for the last two weeks, and is beginning to feel much better.  He is to get his stitches out tomorrow!  Yay!   Thank you so much Brown Dog, I'm afraid things would have turned out very differently without you.