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IL - 2019

Chance is somewhat of a mystery because we don’t know his full story. Chance was found eating garbage outside. The woman who found him brought him back to health and many other efforts to attempt to return him to his home. I refer to her as Chance’s “Fairy God Mother” for saving him.

After constant effort, no one claimed him and she decided to keep him. She unfortunately ran into some issues and was unable to keep him and through social media was looking to re-home him. That is when I saw the post with several comments of people already trying to claim him. But I still tried! I was lucky enough that my message stood out.

I adopted Chance that weekend and fell in love with him. He may have faced some abuse before his fairy god mother found him because he was a bit sensitive to loud noise, sudden movement, and had an unusual scar above his eye. It took time but he became the goofiest, loving, and high energy boy we hoped for! I was living with my best friend at the time when I first got him so he was blessed to have two mommies to love and care for him. After our lease ended, we moved our separate ways but still remain in contact and try to have doggie visitation as much as our schedules allow!

Fast forward a few years to now and I noticed Chance had an unusual growth on his paw. Over the length of a few days I noticed it continued to grow at a quick pace so I brought him to his vet and was told he had a tumor. Two rounds of medications were attempted and unsuccessful which then required scheduling a surgery to remove tumor and biopsy it for cancer.

I was casually looking through Pinterest and came across Brown Dog Foundation and didn’t think it was real! I crossed my fingers and tried to apply anyways but was automatically denied. After a day they reached out and having reconsidered my case they were able to accept Chance and offer assistance!

I have no idea what I would do without their constant support and quick responses to help me and Chance as well as financial support. Biospy results are still pending but Chance has a lot of love and support so I am remaining positive and hopeful for the future!