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PetCo Grant, 2011...  story told by Buster's family

Buster was rescued from Clarksville Montgomery County Animal Control in August of 2009. Buster was healthy and very playful. However in October of 2011 he started to experience trouble urinating.   He was hospitalized for a week with a catheter and IV fluids. We were hoping this would clear up the problem and solve a simply Urinary Tract Infection. When we arrived home he was not acting himself and three weeks later we took Buster back to the Vet. We were very worried we were not going to be able to pay another hospitalization fee and medication. Our Veterinarian, Dr. Baugher, told us if we would have waited one more day to bring Buster in, he would not have made it. Buster was severely blocked with crystals. She suggested we follow through with the option of the Perineal Urethrostomy Surgery.  Even though we could not afford it, we went ahead with the surgery in order to save Buster’s live. While Buster was in surgery and in care of the Veterinary Clinic, I researched organizations that would help us in a time of need.  My husband and I are both unemployed and appreciate everything that the Brown Dog Foundation has helped us with. We are truly grateful for the Brown Dog Foundation and Dr. Baugher at the Animal House Clinic. After a few complications and an infection after the surgery, Buster is now home doing better, however still wearing the “cone of shame” for another week.