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KY - 2019

One afternoon I was browsing the pet store, and there was a adoption agency there and had all of these cute little puppies playing in a caged in area. Of course I stopped to pet each one of them... how could you just pass them up? All alone playing by himself was a pup named Lenard he would run by and nip at my hand. A lady came up and was talking to me about the adoption program, the longer I stayed the more curious I got as I knew I had a busy life, but always wanted to adopt a pup. So I told the lady I’d like to have One on One time with Lenard, she said great so she grabbed him and we went into a small room and we played and he gave me lots of lovings for a few. Shortly, she brought me a clip board and a application and explained how the process works. While doing the paper work she put the puppy back with the group. She verified all of my information, I was approved. She asked if I was interested in any other pup while standing there observing all of them, Lenard kept barking and jumping up in front of me. I said, "No ma'am I believe I’ve been chosen by him!"

Once we got home, the fun began, but there was one problem I just could not get him to answer by his original name, so we would say Bubba Boy and he would get excited so growing up he answered to Bubba. Eventually it become just Bub! 
He has been my best friend ever since then. He is what makes my days bright. He’s 8 years old, and still lives as like he was still a young pup. 
All around he’s been a very healthy dog, until around mid-February he had a knot pop up on his back end I didn’t think much of it but as time went by it started to grow, so I took him to the vet in March. After some testing we found out that he would need to have surgery to remove what they found as a tumor which quickly grew to two tumors. 
We seem to think it may be cancer but praying it’s not. But without the surgery we won’t know. So we scheduled the procedure, when I was given the total for the surgery I was so upset I knew there was no way I’d be able to pull it off. So I started looking for foundations that would help I spoke with many places and wasn’t getting anywhere so I was losing hope quickly. I was at the bottom of my list - just Brown Dog Foundation, and Live Like Roo. While waiting for a response from Brown Dog I decided to go ahead and apply with Live Like Roo who unfortunately could not help... but they sent Bub a wonderful care package! 
Then a miracle happened and a lady contacted me from Brown Dog. As we discussed several options, we were finally able to come up with a plan. Now my Boy is able to get his procedure done. I greatly appreciate all the hard work, and help you have been giving to me and my boy. 💚
I could never thank you all enough.