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Brown Dog, the book, is available for pre-order!

This is the story of Chocolate Chip's journey from the Johnson City Animal Control facility through East Tennessee Labrador Retriever Rescue and into Carol's arms. For nearly 5 years she gave him everything she could, until cancer returned and took him from her far too soon. But, his passing inspired Brown Dog Foundation  and since she let him go on that drizzly Mother's Day in 2006, the Foundation has assisted more than 900 family pets .

In the book, you'll come to know Chocolate Chip, Carol and her family, and the early supporters who brought Brown Dog Foundation to life.  You will also meet several of the pets we've saved and the doctors and celebrities who help us keep the organization alive today.  

When Carol adopted Chip, she lamented to the rescue group, "It's a shame there isn't an organization who could have helped his family pay for the care he needed so they could keep him."  Never did she expect to experience the same scenario herself.  Faced with a diagnosis of cancer and a treatment protocol of bi-weekly Chemotherapy and combined with her recent job loss, now she couldn't afford the very treatment that might save his life. 

Through his journey, Carol came to learn that hundreds of thousands of pet owners across the nation are faced with the decision to end their pet's life and suffering when the cost of life-saving treatment is outside their financial means.  For these families that final decision is brutal.  Carol, fresh with the pain of facing this same decision, created Brown Dog Foundation.  And, just like that, families have an alternative. 

Brown Dog has inspired many to do good work.  He will inspire you to do the same.  

For the past 5 years, we have consistently received 4,000 requests for assistance annually.  Brown Dog consistently helps 150-200 families each year. 

You can order the book below!  Cost plus shipping and handling.  Books begin shipping in November, 2016.

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“Our story is not unique.  Thousands of families every year are forced to decide between putting food on the table and paying for treatment that would save their pet’s life.  What is unique?  The success that the Foundation has enjoyed thanks to those whose passion it is to give their neighbor the gift of love.” – Carol Smock, Founder, Brown Dog Foundation

“The mission speaks for itself. There are people out there in need of help that simply don’t have the means to help or save a pet that has become part of their family. I believe in the power of man's best friend and his or her positive affect on our lives.” – JT Hodges, Recording Artist and Actor


Meet the Authors  

Len Napoli, New Jersey:  Len Napoli serves as a risk manager in the insurance industry. He lives in New Jersey and enjoys spending time with his wife, his two sons and their families and his cat, Cali. In 2012, he established The Murphy Fund held by Brown Dog Foundation at which time he reached out to The Foundation's Founder with the idea to collaborate on this book. 

Len and Carol worked tirelessly to craft a story that is both entertaining and true to form.  This is definitely a biography, with a little latitude taken so the reader doesn't fall asleep!  Len, the experienced writer, drew stories out those he interviewed to bring the relationships to life.   






Carol Smock, Arizona:  Carol Smock is a CRM Consultant with Microsoft Gold Partner, Tribridge.  She currently lives just outside Phoenix AZ and enjoys traveling with and without her pups, Toffee Nut and Beignet.  She cooks for her Wine Club twice a year - creating a multi-course wine dinner to pair with wines her friends want to showcase.  She loves databases, wine and dogs...  not necessarily in that order!

While the story of Brown Dog is about Chocolate Chip, Carol credits Buster with reigniting her passion for dogs.  Despite his anxiety, Carol always seemed to calm the gentle giant.  He was just a little misunderstood by most, but found a connection with Carol.  If Buster hadn’t been lost to her, Carol may never have sought the companionship of Chip.

Carol divides her time between working full-time and volunteering with the Foundation.  She plans fundraising and events, represents the Foundation at expos where we educate pet owners about insurance, alternative treatments and more.  She processes all of the grants right now.  Sometimes she spends upwards of 3-4 hours trying to help people find alternatives.  Carol expects to re-dedicate herself to growing Brown Dog Foundation during her retirement years.