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National, OR - 2015

A little background for Boo: as far as I know, his old family was an 88 year old women who also had a miniature poodle. From what we can gather from his records and his condition, he wasn't taken care of very well. It seems like they thought they were getting a sturdy low maintenance dog and didn't realize what a handful standards can be.


He unfortunately went blind in his right eye years ago from a completely treatable condition. Our vets think that all it was a glaucoma that went untreated and blew out his lens and detached it. I found him last July in a personal ad on The daughter of the women who had him was trying to rehome him since her mother had just had half her lung removed and could no longer care for him. Her daughter attempted to take him but her dogs did not like Boo, so she had to put him up for adoption. I was told that he had been staying with a foster family for two weeks prior to use getting him.


I contacted the ad and arranged a time for them to meet up with us to meet him. They only lived about 45 mins from us and offered to come up here to see if we would be a good fit. Myself and my wife were under the impression that we were going to meet him and see how he liked us. They showed up at our house with everything he had. Food, bowls, toys, records, everything. They kind of just came, saw we were ok people and left him with us. When he got here, he was in horrible condition. The poor thing was filthy, covered in dirt and dust, overgrown and way underweight. He also was having some sort of allergic reaction on his eyelid that was bright red and raw. His fur was patchy and dry. He had a spot on his rump that was completely bare.  He just did not look happy.


When they left, our heart broke for him. We immediately got him in the bath and tried to wash him. The water was black. It took 3 baths to get him clean. Since that day, he's been on the up and up. It's been a tumultuous 7 months for him, but he is recovering at an astonishing rate. When he had his Xylitol incident he was 38 lbs. Over the last three weeks, he is up to almost 43 pounds and rapidly gaining. He looks bigger and healthier now at 43 lbs than he did at 38 lbs when we got him.


Boo has been a blessing to our family and turned our house into a home! He was recently cleared of having pancreatitis, has changed his diet and is becoming a big and strong poodle. Your help has not only been a blessing to Boo, but has been a blessing to us. This has taken an enormous financial burden off of us during what has been a very trying 6 months in our life. Boo has been the lone bright spot and has brought untold happiness and joy to us in the most wonderful ways. I could not have hoped to find a better dog and companion than my Boo Boo. We are committed to Boo and in the future to returning your gift and more to your organization.    


True to his word, Jon raised money to benefit Brown Dog Foundation by running the Corvalis Half-Marathon in April, 2017!

Boo met him at the finish line.