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IN - 2019

Last Mother’s Day I literally dropped my mom off at the airport and was somehow feeling this depth of loneliness with in me, so I decided that I would go to the local animal shelter and get a rescue dog. As a single woman with no kids or husband, I decided it was now or never that I would bring a dog into my life to create my family. 

I didn’t see any dogs I resonated with at the first shelter, but at the next shelter I saw this quiet little pup and she looked around and looked at me... she didn’t bark whilst all the other dogs were barking incessantly ....and it was as though she were saying “are we going to do this thing? “ I took her outside to play she was happy to see sunshine and was very sweet in her demeanor.  I decided yes,” I’m going to do this thing”. 
It has taken a while for me to get used to having a dog, changing my schedule and taking her out for walks and making my life more about her. When I got her she was named Sugarberry and I decided to name her instead Bodhi, because bodhisattva is actually someone who is a Savior and stays on this earth to help those in need. Bodhi in many ways has saved me. She is my canine companion and soul mate. She loves me unconditionally and teaches me to expand my heart and feel deeply for another being on the planet, which I am maternally- and eternally grateful!! 
The other thing about rescue dogs is you never know about possible congenital or deformations or things that the dogs may have been born with. It turns out that Bodhi was born with a deformity in her knees.
After finding out at the vet that she would likely require knee surgery, I was devastated because I had only heard the horror stories of how expensive they could be. I just only recently got back on my feet after moving out here to Indiana from Colorado, and recovering from some health issues that seemed to last for years and years. 
The support that Brown Dog Foundation has offered for me and Bodhi, has been motivational!! There is support out there and a bigger family on the planet. We are just grateful to all the people out there that make donations to Brown Dog Foundation. 
This grant has allowed me to SAVE Bodhi and give her a quality of life. I would do anything for my own health and so I feel like I get to offer this to her now to and get to work on being the best dog mama ever!