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TX - 2015

When my son Michael was 5yrs old he told me he wanted a pet cat.  So we went down to the local Humane Society and we saw this beautiful grey cat who had been named Blue because his fur was so dark grey it looked "Blue".  He was the first cat out of all of them that walked up to my son. We were hooked.  We took him home that for some reason my son kept calling him "Lewis" but he would only answer to "Blue".... So we combined the names and Bluis came to be. That was April 26, 2005. He's been such a big part of our family.
He's older when a few days weeks ago we found him injured for reasons unknown we were devastated and frightened for him so we took him to an emergency veterinary clinic that is open 24 hours here where we live and in the end were unable to afford his medical bill. It was suggested we euthanize him but we couldnt bare to lose him just because we couldn't afford it. That's where you came in… You stepped up and helped us pay for his medical bills and we couldn't be more grateful for that. He's alive because of you. 

Thank you sincerely,

Bluis' Family