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RI - 2019


Thank you again for saving our furbaby! He wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for your help!! Brown Dog went through hoops with our speciality vet and made it happen. Forever thankful ! He’s been our baby since he was 8 months old and was a lifesaver in a really awful abuse situation. He is a warrior despite how little he may be. While not a therapy dog, Bentley helps calm our 7yr old autistic son in ways no human can.  

When he was diagnosed with a bladder mass we were told it wasn’t operable or cureable but that we could consider chemo as an option to slow the growth. For months, he has had a UTI that wouldn’t heal, which created blood and straining during urination. Our primary doctor thought it was Transitional Cell Carcinoma, but we couldn't afford tests at the time to confirm / deny that diagnosis. So after a few months we drained our savings and maxed out our credit cards to pay for a full ultrasound and surgical consult.

The surgeon agreed to operate and said it was the only way to save him and even to confirm what the mass was or wasn't. But, we were out of money and options. 

We found Brown Dog Foundation and through their VetBilling Repayment Program we were able to afford surgery. It ended up being a rare bladder disease (funny I have a bladder disease also lol) called polypoid cystitis. The mass was removed and he is back to being our Bentley James! Our family will forever be grateful.