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TX - 2019

I had a poodle before Bella came into my life. My poodle was stolen from me about 3 years ago. I searched for her day and night hoping to find her but I never did. I honestly wasn’t ready for another dog as I loved my poodle-dog very much.

But after many months I went to the animal shelter hoping to maybe find my lost dog. Instead, what I thought was one fur dog, turned out to be two dogs bundled with each other. I instantly fell in love with the love the dogs. Because of the bond they had with each other we ending up adopting 2 dogs instead of one.

I didn’t have the heart to separate two animals that had been together for who know how long. Coco and Bella have been the most relaxing and fun dogs to have around. They are the complete opposite of each other… Bella is very chill and Coco has so much energy! But they complete my life. Bella is a blessing. I see my previous dogs in her as she can be lazy but also energetic when she wants to. 

I took Bella to the vet in August. I decided it to take her because she was peeing way too much and it was concerning. I'm glad I called that day and the vet had an opening for her as God was blessing us with that opportunity to being able to find out what was wrong with her.

My heart dropped when I saw the x-ray. Those bladder stones looked huge compared to her small size. I was in shock how a small dog can have such big stones. And, then, I was told that to remove it she would need surgery. I knew surgery would be expensive.

Being a part time worker and having recently graduated from college, I didn’t have enough money for the surgery on my own. I recently had to have ACL surgery and was barely managing that cost when this came up.

So I started searching for help. I didn’t think I would find any but I gave it a try and found this amazing Foundation. I thought I had time before Bella needed it surgery since the antibiotics were for 11 days. But as the days passed she got worse and worse. So I scheduled the surgery hoping to get response and I did! I was so blessed to have found Brown Dog Foundation. The Foundation made this process stress free and the Grant Manager was super helpful and understanding with everything going on. Thank you to this amazing Foundation. I'm worry free and can focus on helping Bella with her recovery as well enjoy her for many years to come!!