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CA - 2016

I'm now retired and living on a fixed income.  I adopted Bailey as a 7 week old puppy as a birthday gift for my wife who passed away 4 years ago.  Bailey is a great companion & wonderful reminder of the woman I loved. 
Bailey has battled kidney and bladder stones for years, off an on.  Each time it happens, there is an increased chance that medications won't dissolve the stones leaving her to tie a retching death.  Our doctor recommended a surgery to remove the stones once and for all and to start her on a diet that would minimize the likelihood of recurrence.  The cost of surgery is outside my means.  While I was able to pay for some of it after having saved a bit, I still didn't have enough to save her life.  
I applied to Brown Dog Foundation and was approved pretty quickly.  Many thanks to Brown Dog Foundation.  (I once had a Chocolate Lab & still miss her)...
Best Wishes from,
Bob, Bailey ( a Lhasa Apso) & Taylor (a Black Lab)
For more information about Bladder Stones and treatment options, visit VCA Animal Hospital.