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Flood Relief Fund - TN

Anya's story begins the day of the flood.  At first, we thought she would be safe staying in the house since she could go upstairs but as the day progressed and the water rose, I was very unsettled and had my husband take our kayak back to our house to check on her.  He returned almost 30 minutes later with poor Anya in a duffel bag, her carrier was in the garage and it was already filled with water.  We were staying at a friends house and Anya seemed to fit right in.  But after a few days we noticed that Anya wasn't using her litter box.  Then one day, while I was using the bathroom, Anya came in, jumped up in the sink and proceeded to use the sink as her litter box.  That's when I noticed the blood in her urine and took her to our vet, Harpeth Hills Animal Hospital.  She was started on medication but still did not improve so back to the vet we went.  She was given more medication and the vet told us that most likely she was suffering from the stress from the flood.  Being in a house filling with water, then carried in a boat in a duffel bag, then back to live in a house that was being stripped down to the studs had done quite a number on her.  Our vet suggested seeking help from Brown Dog Foundation so we did and with the help of your foundation Anya recovered fully and it helped us during a really tough time emotionally and financially.  Thank you so much for being there for us.