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IL Fund, 2012

Mom and I have suffered through many obstacles the past few years, cancer and a whole lot of health issues for Mom and myself. I have struggled like I have never struggled before. But I think the greatest sadness by far was the day Angel would not walk and just sat in a corner so very sick. I thought she didn't have long to live. I had no money to even see a vet and/or to put her "to sleep" if that was what she needed. I guarantee that would be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Angel is so special to Mom and me. When Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer Angel would lay in bed with Mom night and day. Angel is so many things to Mom and I even the worst days are made lighter by Angel and her beautiful smile. I really did not know if someone would be able to help Angel because help is hard to find and most people are unsympathetic to health issues with pet, hard to understand because angel is like my family to me. I went online and by the grace of God found I really did not think they would be able to help me and somehow I would not qualify for the help they offer.


But I think at Brown Dog Foundation they could feel my desperation to help angel with a lot of prayers and little hope they did! Brown Dog Foundation was able to let me have Angel looked at. The Doctor said that she had congestive heart failure and could likely be helped with very expensive medication (That I could have never afforded). I really did not believe that could happen but Brown Dog Foundation sent the vet money for treatment and 3 days later Angel was getting around the house and acting happy again, it was great to see her smiling face and wagging tail. All I can say is this is a wonderful Foundation and the people who review your case are understanding, respectful people, and animal lovers... each and everyone of them. Thank you is really not enough but I hope I can help someone as you have helped me someday.

John and Arlene Lawton