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National, CA - 2014

Allie was found, along with her siblings, in a field in Lodi, CA.  I found her on and fell in love.  Throughout all of life's transitions and challenges, Allie has always been my cheerleader, with a big smile and a wagging tail.  She enjoys playing, even as time catches up to us both, and reaching out to complete strangers, who she seems to know needs a smile that day.  She's amazing.  Her expressions are unlike other dogs.  She understands.  Sometimes I think she was a human in another life because she enjoys human company over canine.  


She's mischievous and cuddly.  When I'm sick, she curls into bed with me.  When I cry, she whimpers and presses her nose against my hand, as if to remind me that everything is okay.  


Recently, Allie has received preliminary blood work, which showed elevated levels of liver and kidney enzymes, as well as pre-diabetic levels.  The veterinarian ran further diagnostic tests for Cushing's, since she displays the symptoms (pot belly, polyuria, constant hunger, some peeing inside the house, skin cysts all throughout her body).  I am unable to financially support her needs for ongoing medicinal treatment, as I am a student, receiving loans.  Thanks to the kind support and assistance from The Brown Dog Foundation, Allie has received her medication (Trilostane) to manage and alleviate her from the challenges of the Cushing's disease.  The people who have helped have made a significant life change in the lives of Allie and I.  We thank you!  :)