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NH - 2015

After my son and I moved to our new home, it became apparent that because he is an only child, he was sometimes lonely for a friend. In December of 2014 I decided that a pet was exactly what we needed to complete our family. We visited our local Humane Society and they had one small kitten left, a stray who who been found weeks before. The kitten was sick and in need of an operation for a congenital mouth deformity. The Humane Society had rescued him and given  him the care he needed. He was getting healthy and recuperating from his rocky experience, waiting for his forever home when we met him, and my son decided right away that he was the perfect kitten for us. Tigger came home with us December 24th, 2013.
About a week ago I noticed Tigger didn't seem himself, he was sleeping a lot, not eating much and very lethargic, not playing like he normally would. At first I attributed the behavior to heat and perhaps not liking his cat food. As time went on I realized that he was actually very sick. I started to panic a bit. I knew that because of my recent unemployment, it would be hard for me to pay an expensive vet bill. A friend offered to pay a part of the bill and I had a little to put toward it, but still it wasn't enough and Tigger was going down hill fast. I brought him to the vet and after an initial exam was told that it appeared he had chewed on a wire and electrocuted himself! He would need respiratory support, monitoring, feeding, pain medicine and antibiotics.
I wasn't sure what to do. After visiting a few different relief sites, I came across the Brown Dog Foundation and realized that Tigger's situation made him an eligible candidate. I filled out the pre-application and waited with my fingers crossed.  The Foundation was very kind and helpful, letting me know what I needed to provide in order to expedite the process. After 24 hours we had an answer - Brown Dog Foundation could fund the difference needed to secure medical services for Tigger's life threatening situation. I can't begin to express how happy and grateful both my Son and I are to know that Tigger will recover and continue to spend many happy healthy years with us. And it's due to the wonderful services of my veterinarian and Brown Dog Foundation! Thank you!