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Total Raised:  $3,800.00

Checks may be mailed to:  Brown Dog Foundation, 1831 West Winchester Way, Chandler AZ  85286

Click the image of the pets saved through your generosity to read their story!
Jeff and I met in college and then lost touch over the years.  When we reconnected many years later we realized we had many similarities related to families, goals, likes and the desire to support charitable causes and giving back.  We both had three dogs each and our love for these companions as well as all creatures was and is still very important to us.  I work with rescue groups, foster and volunteer for transports. Jeff is notorious for finding strays in his travels and always finds them the best homes.  Together we support, whenever possible, charitable events for animal rescue and spay/neuter programs.
Early in our relationship my Bluetick Hound "Tick" collapsed suddenly.  We knew it was an extreme emergency. No stranger to pet ER's over the years I knew this visit would be expensive and I was right. Tick required emergency surgery to remove his rupturing spleen and the large mass they discovered attached.  The surgery alone was several thousand dollars and a life and death decision we had to make at 2 in the morning.  It was a decision we were not financially prepared for. We were lucky and had the means to cover it by juggling finances.  He survived the surgery but the pathology showed he had hemangiosarcoma (a cancer with no cure). We were then faced with how we could keep his quality of life while extending his life as long as we could.  How could I give up on him after 14 years of devotion? We opted for costly care that included chemo. Again, we were able to juggle finances.  He lived an AMAZINGLY happy few more months due to the care we were able to manage for him.
It was a difficult time emotionally and a strain financially but something we were able to manage.  I can't imagine being in that situation and knowing there was nothing I could do only because I did not have the financial means to cover an emergency, or even daily medications for a manageable disease such as Cushings disease (for which Chandler takes daily medication), diabetes, epilepsy, etc.  While we are capable of excellent medical care for our pets, as many of you are, sadly there are so many more who need financial assistance.
As Jeff and I approach our marriage we know how blessed we are and we have all of the possessions we need.  The thought of our engagement and marriage helping others is the best gift we could ask for.  We hope that you will support us and share with us our love for animals and helping others with a gift to Brown Dog Foundation.  All donations are 100% tax-deductible and after the funds from our engagement and wedding are awarded you will be able to read the story of the actual people and pets our fund assisted.  I'm so happy to say that we will also concentrate first on funding cases locally within Tennessee and Kentucky.
Brown Dog Foundation exists to help pet owners bridge the gap between the cost of medical care and saving their pet's life.  The program is based on qualification and awards the difference between what the Veterinarian is charging and what the family can afford.  In most scenarios, the Veterinarian is offering a discount or is a moderately priced service provider.  However, because the cost of emergent care is expensive, it costs Brown Dog an average of $1,100 per family in need.  
We love you all for your big hearts and are so happy to call you friends and family.  Thank you for supporting this great charity and those it will help in honor of our new lives together including our current five dogs and in memory of sweet Tick.
Jeff and Sherrie